If you’ve been arrested for a DWI in St. Louis, MO there are many reasons why you should hire an esteemed defense attorney like Lenny Kagan. However, take a look at these three very important reasons to see how Lenny Kagan can fight for you!

1. Lenny Kagan has a great reputation as a DWI attorney.
Lenny Kagan has helped countless people in similar situations to you. Chances are he probably worked with a client who had the same DWI charges and managed to get those charged reduced or dropped altogether! Additionally, Lenny Kagan has a great relationship with the St. Louis Courthouse. Not only did he work there as a prosecuting attorney, he also volunteers his time there to help newly admitted US citizens. With these beneficial relationships, you’ll have a strong resource on your side as your fight your Missouri DWI charges.

With a law degree from the Florida Coastal School of Law, Lenny Kagan is also a member of the Bar Association of Metropolitan Saint Louis, the Missouri State Bar Association and was voted a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers.

2. Defense lawyer Lenny Kagan specializes in DWI law.
You shouldn’t trust your DWI charge to just any defense attorney. You need a lawyer like Lenny Kagan who caters his practice to helping people arrested for drunk driving. DWI attorney Lenny Kagan understands both the science and law behind a drunk driving arrest.

3. He is kind and understanding but aggressive in court.
DWI Lawyer Lenny Kagan understands what you’re going through and he empathizes that this can be an embarrassing experience. He will treat you with the respect you deserve, but he will also be aggressive in the court room. He won’t just settle for the first opportunity the court provides. He will get you the results you deserve. You won’t be sorry if you hire an attorney like Lenny Kagan to fight your Missouri DWI charges. Contact him today!