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i have had 3 duis in cali and 2 in oregon i left oregon on the second dui they are trying to give me a felony dui up there so i left will they extradite me from cali? i never had any accidents or injuries i just pull right over

Best Answer :

Hello Nick. Seeing how this is a repeated offense, it is entirely likely that you would be held for extradition. I do see one other problem that would also be very likely in this scenario. If they do bring you back, you can expect another charge of "fleeing to avoid prosecution" which is a felony.

Best advice would be to have a consultation with a good criminal trial attorney to see where you stand in this. He might be able to work some magic in court for you if you return. If you allow this to run it's course as is, it will compound itself into some serious prison time.

Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

Other Answer(3) :

It's not a question of Oregon, it's a question of the individual jurisdicition in Oregon that has the charges. Some will, some might be too busy.

I'm glad to hear you haven't killed anybody yet.

They might. It is getting serious.

Thanks for your question.

The answer is that it depends. California and Oregon do extradite between the two states, but under California Law, you will be held, and given the right to see a judge within 48 (court) hours and advised of your right to challenge the extradition and to establish identity. From there, it's up to Oregon to come get you at their expense. Both California and Oregon are not in the best financial shape, so in some cases, although not all, they are releasing you on a promise to appear.

I hope this helps, and all the best to you.

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