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I am 18 years old and was convicted of a DUI a week ago and have always wanted to be a commercial pilot. I want to know if I ruined my chances.

Best Answer :

It hasnt even come close to ruining your chances, Even if you were a pilot, there is no published punishment, only that you inform the FAA within a certain time limit.
You have to get a medical certificate before you start to fly, so when you go to the FAA doctor, talk to him about it.

Other Answer(9) :

Yes you did! Not acceptable!

You did ruin your chances for now, but keep clean for a while and maybe you can.

u can still get a license and fly small planes sometime in the future..as far as commercial flying goes…u ruined it more than likely..they are very strict when it comes to that stuff.

It will make it a little more difficult, but your chances are not completely ruined. Stay clean for a while, and don't try to hide the DUI from the FAA when you are applying for your medical exam and licenses. It's better to be up front about it and let them work with you, then to try to hide it and have them find out later on when they can revoke your license and fine you.

No, you can get pilot license's with a DUI. Will you have a job? Chances are slim. Airline's will look at your DUI and say, hell, should we hire a guy who will fly a 150 million dollar machine drunk?

Sorry, your probably out of luck.

You can still obtain a pilot's license under certain conditions (mainly that you remain clean and not be convicted multiple times). However, a DUI may have a very negative influence on any attempt to find employment as a pilot, depending on the airline. DUI strongly implies a problem with substance abuse and authority, both of which are extremely dangerous for pilots. Of course, people can change, but often they don't, so the choice between two similar job candidates, one with a DUI in his history and the other without, is a no-brainer.

You can get your medical two years after your DUI, if you stay clean until then.

Until then, guess you should earn some money to pay for your lessons.

Look at it this way; an employer has a stack of resumes to look at, one of them is yours. She or he holds yours and another's up to compare. Same hours, same age, but you have DUI conviction, the other doesn't. No brainer. Not impossible, but definitely improbable. If its your passion then I'd say go for it, but you screwed up with that DUI. Its one of those lessons you learned the hard way. Its funny, babies don't know what hot is, they'll still touch a boiling pot when mom said to not touch it. Now they got burnt and know what hot is, won't do it again. I bet you won't drive drunk again, but in this case it might be too late.

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