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Crack, cocaine, marijuana, etc, is illegal here in the USA. But yet alcohol isn't. Alcohol is unhealthy and deaths by drunk drivers is very high in number, people do stupid stuff when they're drunk, like get abusive, it ruins relationships, etc. But yet its perfectly legal, well if your 21 of course, but hey people under 21 get a hold of it as well. Anyways, I don't get it, what gives? And why not legalize marijuana but tax the freaking hell out of it, or make alcohol illegal with it all together..

Best Answer :

Because Marijuana is classified as a hallucination drug. The effects of paranoid behavior it has on some people is considered an hallucination

Other Answer(3) :

Politics. If marijuana was legal then advil, tylenol, zantac, and all that other garbage would lose half their sales.

I say we remove our current congress and replace all politician with stoners!

there would only be world peace and happiness

cause this world is fckin dumb

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