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i haven't cried in like a LONG time but my mother, father and sister were killed by a drunk driver 2 week ago. i'd like to know why i only cry from one eye. it may seem like a strange question to ask but its just cuz all i've been doing is drinking since this happened.

Best Answer :

Tears flow from tear glands into your eyes through tiny tear ducts. The tear glands are located under your upper lids, and when stimulated, produce tears to form a thin film over your eyeballs. Every time you blink the film spreads over your eyes to keep them moist and free of dust and other irritants. Whether you are awake or asleep, happy or sad, this salty fluid is always flowing from the tear glands.

Besides protecting your eyes, the tear glands produce more fluid when your eyes are irritated. These extra tears are called reflex or irritant tears. And, when something makes you happy or sad, your tear glands will produce emotional tears. Used tears then drain down into two tiny openings on the brim of your upper and lower eyelids at the inner edge of your eyes, which lead to the nasolacrimal tear ducts next to the bridge of your nose. From there, they are channeled into your nasal cavity where they are swallowed or blown out with other nasal fluids. If there are too many tears, they will overflow your lower lid and run down your cheeks.

Some people have to help stimulate the production of natural tears. This disease is called Dry Eye Syndrome or Sjogren's Syndrome. People who have diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus often have this condition. They must use artificial tears up to every 10 to 15 minutes, and apply other medications to their eyes before going to bed as part of the treatment to improve the condition of their eyes.

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humans cry out of one eye for the same reason humans bleed out of one nostril unfortunately i dont know why

it's maybe because you've run out of fluid w/c is supposed to be composed of water, not beer, wine, etc. water is the main fluid that we should always be drinking in order to regulate our body and to maintain normal excretory processes, especially those fluid-related like lacrimation and perspiration.

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