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If my driver license is expired (new one coming in the mail) how come bars and clubs won't accept it so that you may drink? It's not as if I miraculously got younger because the ID is expired.

Am I being unreasonable? I think it's so silly. Love to read your feedback.

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be careful

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It seems silly yes, but legally an ID is no longer valid if it's expired. So while it is your information, they have to treat it as if you don't have an ID at all.

You are being perfectly reasonable. People that do not accept the license need critical thinking lessons.

Well legally, they need a valid ID to serve you a drink. Maybe they're worried that you're working for the police in a sting operation, and they don't want to get stung. Since you apparently don't have to exchange your expired license to get the new one, old ones could be used by minors as fakes so long as they look enough like the person in the picture. They're probably just following the law so they can stay in business or avoid huge fines.

Your not being unreasonable. I always use an expired drivers license for I.D. when i go out. Im not driving so i dont need a valid one, this way if i lose it its not a big deal.
So i agree with you 100%

Depends on the people at the bar. I've been let in a bar on an expired ID. Where I live the State RUNS the Liquor stores(oh no now people know I live in like one of 2 States lol) and they let me go with an expired State issued ID, they said it was still ok because it could be traced if they needed to but that I needed to get a new one. So I guess in part depends how long your ID was expired. Looks change, how do they know it is really you. I mean if it expired like a month or so ago then who cares, but if it was 5 years then yeah that is suspicious.

Possibly they are concerned with WHY you haven't gotten the renewal, yet.

If you were suspended, for instance, and were using an old ID, and you were suspended because of a DUI, then it's not wise for them to serve you drinks.

At any rate it's probably a matter of legalities and concerns over legal liability. Otherwise they're rather illogical ;-)

Liquor laws vary from state to state, so perhaps in some states an expired license is acceptable, and in some states it isn't. Like another answer said, IF expired licenses are not valid in your state, bars and clubs are likely to not accept it anyway because there is a possibility that you are working undercover for the police, and they would lose their liquor license.

It makes sense, though. Ideally, most people would get their new license before the old one expires. So they could just give that old one to a younger sibling or cousin who looks like them, or sell it to some kid. Most people don't hand out their valid driver's license.

Edit: Here you go with a government source. Found it in 30 seconds on google. Scroll down to #4 : http://www.abc.ca.gov/FORMS/ABC299.pdf

You should've renewed it WELL before the expiration date. If you wait until the last minute, go in person to the DMV

Also, you can't drive either, until you get your new license.
Your license is a legal document. Once it is expired, it is no longer valid.

But, yes they should;ve you let you drink, especially since they know you can't drive until you get you new license!

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