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Although under Illinois' Statutory Summary Suspension law, you have the right to refuse testing of your blood, breath or urine following a traffic stop, your refusal to submit to testing will result in suspension of your license. The Statutory Summary Suspension law treats commercial driver's license (CDL) holders particularly harshly. If a CDL holder receives a Statutory Summary Suspension, CDL privileges will be suspended for 12 months upon a first offense. A second offense carries a lifetime CDL suspension. Getting your CDL back is not as easy you wish it would be. DMV has its own procedures and suspends your license even before you show up in the court. Lawyers can send them some legal documents and prevent that at least until court has ruled on your case. I am not sure what are your circumstances and if this is a first offend or not but in every situation you are looking at different outcome. Under new laws, your CDL license will be affected even if you are arrested for DUI while driving a non-commercial vehicle.
If you are arrested for DUI while driving a non-commercial vehicle and refuse to take a breath test, you will receive a one-year disqualification of your CDL if it is your first DUI.
If you are arrested for DUI while driving a non-commercial vehicle and are found guilty, you will receive a one-year disqualification for a first offense, even if you received court supervision.
If you are found guilty of a second offense of DUI, you will receive a lifetime disqualification of your CDL. Also remember if you are convicted of DUI you CDL almost becomes worthless even if you get it reinstated. Most companies wont even look at your application up to 5 years after you DUI. After that only a handful places may consider looking at your application but you shouldn't expect them to be the best paying companies out there. Mostly hard work with low pay.
You can also look up some info on the web. Search for CDL suspension, DUI, IL
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