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After a night out a friend of mine has drunk too much obviously is in no fit state to drive the car, they claim they dont remember giving permission but did hand a friend without a license the keys. Been pulled over unlicensed driver arrested what happens to the owner of the car, the car has been seized and no arrest for the owner they were cautioned what happens now?

Best Answer :

Simple case of a person being charged with no operator's license. The owner was not charged. If there are no further charges that would require the car to be seized, the owner should be allowed to pay the tow bill and retrieve their car. Or at least that's the process in my state (NC).
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Other Answer(3) :

Good question?
The unlicensed driver never has permission to driver with out a permit to do so?
Car was impounder(seized) as driven illegally.

A traffic ticket. In my state it is allowing unlicensed driver etc, class c.

Must be more to the story. Was the driver UNlicensed or driving on suspended,revoked, canceled license?

In my state a 'never licensed driver' is not an arrest able offense in of itself. The others are.

The owner of the car will just have to pay the fees to get the car out of impound. That could be 24hrs to 30 days or longer if kept for evidence.

Permission or no permission would only apply if the owner wanted to pursue charges against the driver who was driving without permission.

Like I said, either there is more to the story or your state has more strict laws than mine.

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