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My boyfriend has a DUI on his record and he is having a very hard time finding a job. He has a college degree but it seems that the DUI is really putting a damper on the job serach, any suggestions?

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He's going to have to be upfront with a potential employer about it, before they check his history. You can't hide from that, and if he wants a real job, he's going to have to convince an employer that that part of his life is behind him.

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Try skipping the "chauffeur" listings in the classifieds.

Be a Bartender

your boyfriend needs help from A.A is he stupid as beavis and butthead i dont think he should be driving if hes got a dui
tell him that mcdonalds is the best he can do and even then they might not hire him with that his best bet is go to driving class 4 times what an idiot dui you need a new boyfriend thats responsible and isnt trying to kill someone he should be charhged with attemted murder

Mc Donald's is always hiring.

I cant help, but I would like to say that as serious as drunk driving is, a DUI should NOT be a factor in getting a job, and bettering your life.

everyone makes mistakes, and a d-U-i is usually nothing more than bad timing, a stupid mistake (like running a stop sign) or a blown out tail light. (not to mention an a**hole cop with nothing better to do than ruin someones life)

should drunk driving, no matter if the driver is plastered or just "buzzed" be taken seriously? yes, of course. its selfish to get behind the wheel if you are impaired. it shows that you have little regard for your own or others safety.

but, a SINGLE d-U-i should not effect ones life to the point that they are struggling to cope with society.

Unless he is looking for a driving job it probably isnt gonna hurt him that much. But in some areas jobs are just hard to find so it depends on where you live.

Find a job that doesn't involve driving.

He needs to be a cop.

What's his degree in?

hopefully nothing that involves driving…

He might need to take a job that's not quite exactly what he wants just to get his foot in the door. Having any sort of record will certainly hurt the job search. He just needs to find a starting spot and get a good reputation.

WALK or take busses to the interviews

no, seriously he should mention it and what he has done since to deal with it and why it is no longer a problem for him or for them as employers.

When filling out the application, make sure he writes that down under the "any felonies/misdeameanor's" section. If it only states any felonies, I wouldn't write it down, but if it asks for misdemeanors, I would be honest. Then, once they go over the application with him, make sure he brings it up and is honest about what happened and how he learned his lesson. I think employer's will see that he's an honest person, which is a good thing, right? I have a wet and wreckless on my record, and I was very upfront and honest about it and have landed both jobs that I wanted. Tell him not to give up and not to let it get him down!

see if he can have his record ex-sponge if it is passed 7 years

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