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And if you get a 2nd DUI? A 3rd?

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Kentucky; 1st DUI night in jail; fine; Drunk Driving School;
2nd DUI 90 Days in jail, Big Fine loss of license for a year.
3rd DUI 6 Months in Jail<loss of license for a year; Real Big fine.
4th DUI FELONY conviction which could trigger a "Three Time Loser Charge of persistant felony offender if offender has two other felonies on their record. This doubles jail time.
Really big fine and loss of title permission which means you gotta sell your ride.
Did you know that in Mongolia all the above is never applied because the penalty for the FIRST DUI is

Other Answer(5) :

DUI sentences differ from state to state

1 – 3 days in jail, 90 days revoked
2 – 10 days in jail, 6 months revoked
3 – Felony. 6 months in jail, revoked indefinitely.

get arrested

It really depends. The penalties vary depending on where you live and where you received the charge.
Just make sure you listen to the officer that is pulling you over and obey the rules.

I would do some research on DUI laws and penalties for your state if you would like further answers.

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