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I got a dui over 3 years ago and took all my required classes and have a valid drivers license now. I never paid the $1500 in court fines because I didnt have the money. What will happen if I go to pay it off now?

Best Answer :

I am surprised you still have a valid license. It's called: Suspended for failure to pay fine. Also it is possible that a warrant can be issued for not following a court order (paying the fines) take care of it before it catches up to you.
Good Luck.

Other Answer(6) :

It will be higher, from interest.

If you do not pay it off and are pulled over, you will go to jail.

You should pay it off, they will fine your fine and add even more. This kind of stuff is definitely something you should pay off ASAP and get it off your mind.

But three year is a long time so I'm not sure :/

you will get probation

You just THINK you have a valid driver's licence.

The paperwork hasn't caught up with you yet.

i don't see how you got your drivers license back moss off the time all thy want is your money.but win thay cach up with you & thy will !!, if you get stoped agen it will come back fines not pad, & and the cop will tack your drivers license,away& give you a tekit & a cort dat to see the juge & then it's up to the juge , i ges that's how it works? good Luck.

Your court fines will be double the $1500. You won't have to pay at one time though. They will setup a payment schedule for you, if you desire. If you do not pay your court fine, the worst that can happen is that you will get your drivers licensed revoked.

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