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My buddy was going to drive home DRUNK when i stepped up and said i would drive my car, and then on my way back home got busted by the cops, because i had to make an illegal right turn. ( i didnt speed or anything else/ i only have my learners) WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO ME……oh yea i have to go to court

Best Answer :

You obviously have received a summons to appear at Magistrates' Court. Your licence will be endorsed with three penalty points and you will have to pay a fine (at the discretion of the magistrates') and court costs.

Other Answer(21) :

In the Uk you would probably get a fine and a ban

If you are in the UK then you will just get points on your provisional licence around six on average depends on the judge though and then when you pass your test your insurance will be sky high.

was your friend with you? and if he was, how old is he? if your in california the person your driving with has to be 25 with a license. if not then they may suspend your license until you pay something or do community service.

you will go to court charged with driving a while unsupervised

you will get at least 3 points on your licence and a fine

First: Where you following the rules of your learners permit? This will depend on the state you are in – it usually has to do with time of day and who you are in the vehicle with

Second: You will most likely still get a ticket for making an illegal right hand turn (you never HAVE to make an illegal turn!)

If you were legal to drive (IE the answer is yes to the first question) you will likely get a fine – or hopefully the city offers traffic school – and an extension of when you can obtain a valid drivers license

If you weren't legal to drive AND got a ticket they will likely revoke your learners (like a suspension) and give you a date that you can try and get your learners again.

they might deport u to australia

You go to court darling, its not legal…

well I got busted several years ago and I got like a $250 ticket, if you have to go to court, tell them it was a mistake, but you couldn't let your friend drive drunk, chances are you'll get a fine, and maybe some driving coarses, but they might take pity on you if you own up to it and explain the situation (with out using it as an excuse)

You will be charged with the ticket, disregarding a traffic signal. If you tested positive for alcohol, even the slightest amount, you will be charged with minor in consumption and operating under the influence. Also possibly driving without endorsement. Expect your privileges to be suspended or revoked, along with a hefty fine. The court will notify yours(parents) insurance company, and there is a possibility that the policy will be cancelled.

Usually a fine, but if youre lucky – just a warning – if that is your only offence, but since you also made an illegal right turn – next offence – be sure to get a fine at least – the fact that you stepped in for a drunk might bring the fine down – maybe

It's quite possible that you won't be able to get your license until you are 18 now, depending on the laws in your state.

This doesn't sound like such a hot group of people to be associating with. I'd seriously consider looking for a more success oriented group of friends that don't take risks and/or expect you to take risks that you really shouldn't be taking.

I hope that your parents realize what a seriously cruddy position you were in.

(BTW – their behavior in court will effect the outcome as much as your demeanor will. If they think that you are a poor kid that the system is being unfair to, then you are sunk. If they think that you were incredibly out of line and shouldn't have been anywhere near those kids that were getting drunk – and "oh yeah, by the way, why didn't you CALL, instead of making such a poor decision to BREAK the LAW", you might end up in better shape). I still think you're about to lose the opportunity to drive in the near future – you might, however, be lucky and not have it be as late as 18.

Normally a fine and a ban of up to two years.

You can enter a plea; in as much as you were concerned about safety.

The Magistrate will probably say that should have called a taxi.

Don't worry, they are saving the really severe sentences for Terrorists (three years in a hotel run by the Crown).

You could get a mininum of 6 points and a fine.

If you drive in violation of your permit, it can be REVOKED, and the judge can keep you from getting your license until you are 17-18, because you showed immaturity and wrecklessness by doing what you did.

You will be fined and possibly lose the ability to have a driver's license until the age of 18 or 21. Honorable to save a buddy form being an idiot..but still, you knew better than to drive.

If there is any justice you will get a big fine and a long ban. What would you have done if you had killed a child?

shot at dawn!!! u plonker!!

Firstly, i think you did a good thing for your friend, but instead of your friend getting into trouble you are for him! I hope he appreciates what you have done!

Secondly, you will be taken you court and will receive 3 penalty points, a ban and court costs. Your insurance will be high if you continue to pass your test and become a driver.

I hope you learn from this lesson, if your friend is silly enough to put him self at risk then dont get dragged down with him.

In the Uk you will get a fine, points/ban and the car you are driving is normally seized immediately and impounded.

Your mate can't supervise you if he is drunk.

You can be charged with driving without the correct licence, and technically without insurance as well. Your insurance covers you as long as you are with a competent licensed driver at the time this happened.


If it's just driving on a provisional licence, its will be 3 points and £60 for the offence of "Driving not in accordance with a licence" ie; no L plates and not being supervised (you cant be supervised by a drunk person)

I would imagine that you have been reported for no insurance as well as the licence matter, if this is proved you will be looking at a ban, because no insurance at court is 6 to 10 points and on a provisional you only need 6 in your 1st 2 years to get a ban.

I would get a good solicitor and probably plead guilty with mitigating circumstances that you were trying to act responsibly by not letting your friend drive home drunk

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