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Four of them were bikers so they don't count in the court of public opinion when compared to the "rights" of one "undocumented immigrant" who is more important than a Harley rider any day! Public outrage is only such if he'd have killed children… BTW: I own two Harley's so this is political sarcasm! The fact that illegal immigrants are 6X more likely to drive drunk and cause a fatal wreck falls on deaf ears to the open border crowd who see only "hard working immigrants wanting a better life"…

Best Answer :

lol. It's ****** up if any illegal immigrant is caught by breaking the law or any other method. Then he should be deported. If the government have someone and know he's illegal. He should be sent back.

Other Answer(2) :

According to roughly 100% of Democrats, yes and the State should be prevented from applying ANY law to him.

How would He get caught, it is against the law to stop and harass illegals. Only a racist Cop would stop one.

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