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i'm doing a speech and i need opinions on this in different roles. these would include:

-liquor store owner
-president of AA group
-police officer

i mostly need help with the president of AA group. Please help! 10 points to most helpful =)

Best Answer :

I went to AA in the UK for the first 12 yrs of my sobriety and I never heard of a president of an AA group. AA leaders are servants of the group they are not meant to govern and they are supposed to be rotated regularly. They are meant simply to facilitate the running of the group. One AA member is not meant to have authority over another. An individual AA member has no obligation to the group or any other member and does not answer to them.

In reality, the courts send people to AA nowadays and so the group secretary does sign a bit of paper to confirm attendance (which in my view contradicts the original basis of AA membership) and also, many alcoholics have become so because they have a rigid belief system and so when they stop drinking they become manipulative of other members; however this is all smoke and mirrors because in reality, all AA are unpaid volunteers to the program and not answerable to each other.

AA members are not responsible for each others behaviour, no more than you are.

Other Answer(7) :

If they do their job in terms of the regulations of their liquor licenses they are not responsible. If they sold to underage persons or continued to serve severely intoxicated persons, they better get a lawyer.

i was a bartendar for 7 years and i have a ton of stories. but i would say yes. you are making money off of these people, and it's basically like having a day care. people who give others the tools to be foolish, should make sure the fool is taken care of.

a bartender knows when someone is on the edge and to keep pushing drinks on him just for the money he should be held accountable
liquor store owners cannot sell to people smelling or looking drunk if so then theyare accountable
president of an A group can only warn of the dangers of driving and drinking
alcohol if drank shouldonly be done at home that way you can fall on the floor or the bed
police officers have better things to do than chase a person that blizted out of their minds

no. It's just not there fault I don't think at all. They usually cut people off when they are drinking too much which is good, but I dont think they can be responsible for someones mistake. Then liquor stores could be held responsible in the same way.

Can a firearms distributor be held responsible for gun crimes as long as it follows guidelines?

this is a sore spot for me. i lost a close friend at 17 years old who was killed in a head on collision by a drunk driver. my friend did not drink.

i now make my living as a bartender and i do drink but drink very little and not very often. i have served people who probably were over the .08 limit but it is hard not to when 2 drinks an hour will put most people over the legal limit.

there are so many ways to be caught up in this:

a nightclub with multiple bars- a person orders drinks from multiple bartenders. if i have only served the guest 2 drinks in 2 hours, how am i to know that in the same 2 hours, 2 other bartenders have also served him 2 drinks? not everyone slurs and falls down drunk until they are hammered. they have too much alcohol in their body to be safe behind the wheel, but they can mask the effects while having a 20 second interaction with a bartender while they point to their beer bottle and drop a 5 spot on the bar and walk away.

people under the effects of medication or narcotics- some people on pain management medication do drink. there is a warning on the pill bottle, but how do i know as a bartender if i served a guest that just took a percocet or a vicodin? the pill will increase the effects of the alcohol and the alcohol will increase the effects of the pill.

people who you have served before and learned their limits- i have served a woman 2 glasses of wine every time she comes in. she has been a regular guest for about 6 months. she came in one day and had the same size glasses of the same wine she always drinks. she was goofy! i asked her what the deal was, she had not eaten and was fighting a cold. two factors you dont normally ask your guests when they sit down before you serve them. but two factors that can influence how alcohol affects you.

if the bartender shows gross negligence, i say yes they should be accountable. a person acting within the normal confines of reasonable service of alcohol… i dont think that bartenders are supposed to be babysitters. we are paid to provide a service of making and serving drinks. not controlling your behavior for you.

If the person is legal drinking age, and makes the decision to drink and drive, it is solely their responsibility. Especially at really busy bars, it's unrealistic to expect bartenders to keep track of how drunk someone is. Also, you can't always tell who's really drunk. Some people are really composed when they are actually totally sloshed. I think it's a sign of decency if a bartender shows concern for people who are leaving the bar really drunk – asking if they have someone to drive them, offering to call them a cab, etc – but it should not be a requirement.

A bartender and a liquor store owner both have legal and ethical responsibilities for overseeing drunken patrons and can be sued both in criminal and civil court for violating the liquor control laws of their respective state. The president of an AA group would have no knowledge of a member drinking on any given date unless he saw them. The alcoholic is responsible since he or she is ultimately the one to consume too much and therefore is driving drunk. The police officer ultimately enforces laws pertaining to such matters so naturally they are responsible for drunk drivers.
The AA group president would not be privy to knowing when any particular person in the group is drinking and bears absolutely no responsibility for someone elses behavior since they didn't serve them alcohol.

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