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I've gone to all the websites and read about it… cuz i have to create one for my class. I'm confused on the 4th quadrant— unknown.. is it like things that i ve thought about but don't know until it happens like for instance say i go out driving and a drunk driver runs into me and makes me into a quadrapleadic… before that neither of us knew it was going to happen….i dont know i need help on this cuz i dont what the websites are describing

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The unknown quadrant are things that are blind to you and blind to people around you. The example that was given to me is skydiving. You don't know if you enjoy skydiving, and neither does the person next to you, until you try it. Once you try it it either moves to the secret window (Where only you know if you like it) or the open window (if you tell people that you like it). It won't go to the blind window because you know that you like it.

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