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The suspension is from a dui in another state 12 years ago and the miami charge is driving on the suspended license which occured 10 years ago..What must I do to correct it.

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Go back to the DMV that suspended the license and see what they are requiring.

Other Answer(3) :

I was toled it was 7 years but I don't know to trust my source. Maybe you should look it up first or maybe just take the class and get over it.

statutes of limitation apply only to the time before you are charged. There is no legal limit to how long they can still punish you or bring you to trial if you have skipped town. For such a (relatively) minor case, they may have administratively dropped it however. You need to contact the Florida courts to see where you stand.

Yes, but the Statute of Limitiations restricts the time that the state has to 'initiate the prosecution' – so once you got the ticket the SOL was 'tolled' i.e. stopped.


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