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Had a DUI in California in 1984 and failed to appear for court. A bench warrant was issued. Is the state still looking for me?

Best Answer :

Maybe, but not actively.
Everything is in a data base.
If you are picked up and "arrested" for something, it may be found.
You would have a different license and auto, but if you are fingerprinted for anything it may be found.

Weren't you fingerprinted at the time of DUI? The charge may be too old to mean anything but it may be tougher to obtain a small bail before a judge. It may be brought up at that time.

Just guessing, but I would be careful in CA.

Other Answer(4) :

A statute of limitations is a time limit on the state to charge you with a crime. If there's a warrant for failure to appear, it doesn't have an expiration date, because you'd already been charged with the crime.

Your best bet is to call the court clerk where it happened and ask. It's scary, but they aren't gonna jump out of the phone. They'll tell you whether or not this is something you can take care of by just paying the fine.

If it isn't, you'll need to hire an attorney there.

They have alreay met the requirements of the Statute of Limitations by issuing the warrant. Your on the hook until you turn yourself in or get arrested.

Yes, Warrants do not drop off the system. Even if someone dies, the reporting PD must submit a form to the court explaining that the subject passed away. That doesn't always happen, because people move, and the initial agency doesn't know what happened to you.

Lol. Absolutley not. Great job on not running into cops since 1984 your really good. I usually have to talk to a police officer a couple times a year and he will run my ID for example speeding tickets, on the street etc. Excellent job and no way will they still prosecute a misdamenor case from 22 years ago. Statue on failrure to appear is 7 years. I doubt they even have the paperwork still on the case.

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