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i need a lawer or someone to tell me if it is illegal to eat while driving in connecticut, i also heard its illegal to drink coffee but you could drink tea while driving…anyone?

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Someone is pulling your chain. In some municipalities, they have "distracted driving" ordinances, that can cover those areas if you are not driving responsibly while trying to eat or drink. If it were illegal, they wouldn't have drive-thru restaurants.

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im no lawyer but i know its not illegal to eat and drive. u can also drink and drive as long as there is no alcohol content in your drink lol.

there are drive-thrus in CT right…question answered

Careless operation of a motor vehicle if the cops a well lets just say aint been getting any.

all depends if its a who or a what you are eating!

If it is, I`m way busted ! But not that I know of. I live in Texas

only if your fat

u can eat and drink. just no alcohol

It is illegal to do anything that distracts you from driving, while driving.

Good Question. I think if they are going to make it illegal to drive while holding a cell phone to your ear, they should make it illegal to eat…..

or listen to music or talk to a passenger or drive with kids in the car, or read, or put on makeup, or just about anything else that could cause a distraction

Everyone will tell you it's illegal now

in the uk where i live someone was prosecuted for eating an apple while driving our police suck

In California it is, so you need to ask a law enforcement official or lawyer to find out for sure in your state.

Have you researched the web for your state's traffic laws?

Start here:



Yes it is It is illegal to do any thing but drive your car and KEEP both hands on the wheel if you read the law the way it is written you are not supposed to do any thing that will distract you

You will not be pulled over for eating a chili dog in Connecticut. But, if you slop the chili in your lap and you get distracted while looking for a wet-nap in your glove compartment and you hit a school bus full of children, then you will be charged. It will not be for eating, but for wreckless driving.

And if they do make it illegal to eat and drive, I feel sorry for Dunkin Donuts, because the loss of police business alone would bankrupt them.

…no not at all

Read it yourself:


no, but it would hurt to drink hot beverages while driving and get into an accident

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