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I got a dui in ca, and I want to leave the country for a wedding, I have a valid passport

Best Answer :

yes you can, unless you were ordered by the court or bondsman to stay local.

Other Answer(4) :

No, you cannot, unless you have a judge give you approval.

Even if you do have approval, depending on the country, your passport will get flagged as having an open charge and may not let you in, Mexico and Canada, in particular.

yes you can, unless the judge appointed you not to leave the state or country.
And if you have a court date or anything, make sure you make it to that date, or they have a bench warrant for your arrest.
good luck, have fun in the Philippines! (:
and no more drinking and driving lol (:

As long as you're back for your court date you can go wherever you want in the meantime. It would also be a simple matter to request a continuance of the court date if it did fall during the time you were out of the country. DUI is hardly the crime of the century.

"Hell No!" is the best answer I can give if youre trying to drive or walk across a border. We tried to cross the border from Washington state into Canada about two years ago and were rejected. Canada is like the most lax border EVER, so I was shocked. I tried to argue it and figure out why we were denied. I was informed that in most countries a DUI is considered a "felony" and they just dont allow felons to cross the border, whether theyre convicted or pending. The rationale was that we could be seeking asylum or "hiding out" in Canada to avoid prosecution, which seems pretty ridiculous for such a stupid offense, but thats their logic. As far as flying out with a passport, that MAY be a different story, but Id DEFINITELY look into it much further than Yahoo! Answers before booking a flight! It really depends on where youre going, but judges rarely put passports on hold unless you have really high bail or are considered a flight risk. good luck, man!

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