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I want to take a course to be a pharmacy tehnician. Can I work in a pharmacy with a DUI on my record?

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The answer is: Maybe. Was it just booze you got popped for? and How long ago? How old were you?

This is really a two part question and it depends on what state you're in. The PTCB (or ICPT) and your State Board of Pharmacy may both be involved. Here is what I found out:

1) The PTCB

According to the PTCB, if you have a "drug related" Misdemeanor or Felony that is within 5 years, that would instantly dis-qualify you. However, if it is over five years ago, the Board will look at it on a case by case basis and determine how the court/judge handled it, what have you done since, etc.

In the case of a DUI (if it was only Alcohol you were under the influence of) you will need to disclose it to them and the board will more than likely push it through. If you have other offenses or misdemeanors / felonies then they may not.

2) State Board of Pharmacy

Each state BOP runs a little different, You will want to call yours and ask them the parameters for this. I called mine here in Oregon and they said almost exactly what the PTCB said. How long ago and whether it was drug related makes a difference. Alcohol is not an RX and you can buy it just about everywhere. Because of that, it's not "Drug related", However, when it's determined by a medical professional as an addiction that can change it's classification. If your DUI included a blood test and you were on controlled substances (even weed), then obviously that's a bit different.

Anyhow, let me know if you have further questions.


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Yes, DUI is not so bad, well it could be bad if you kill someone–but everyone makes mistakes, just study hard and have good interviews

Call CVS and ask to speak to the tech or Pharmacist on duty.



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