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General question really just wanted to know.

Best Answer :

Life in prison. At the very least, I'd expect 15 + years. More if the person has a previous DUI on their record.

Other Answer(4) :

Depends on state. Manslaughter or Murder 1.

I think most states would do life with possibility of parole in however many years…. but some states would do life without parole… then good ole texas would probably give 'em the chair.

Someone dies because somebodies being an idiot. Real good time now… Plus… they would have ran from the scene? Haha… yeah… That's probably death penalty.

Generally speaking, it depends on the state. Start at least 20.
You have fleeing the scene of an accident, second degree vehicular manslaughter, dui, open container (but that gets thrownout), any prior offenses etc.

It depends really, I remember a substitute Pastor that was at my Church told me that his son was in a car accident and that well this accident caused an injury for his son, but it also caused death of 2 other people.

Doctors said his son was not going to make it at all but his son did survive only to 2 years later have to serve 6 years for the whole thing.

You would get either life in prison or most likely 20 years or more.

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