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i was hit on my motorcycle by a drunk driver one morning early am he fled the scene and was charged with oui hit and run and leaving the scene of a personal injurie accident im afraid to ride at night now and i havnt riden my bike since cause of my leg was hit i only got 2 sprains and lucked out severly but iv made 3 hospital visits and i knew he has to pay for them but im just wondering how much i shld be expecting

Best Answer :

The good news is that the other driver was drunk, charged with hit/run, OWI, leaving the scene of the accident and found. You were lucky you found him.

Do you have insurance on your motorcycle? If so, call your company and talk to an adjuster of your rights.

Some states only allow settlements if you are seriously injured, which you were not. Going to the hospital 3 times and having 2 sprains is not serious. Most everyone claims they are afraid to drive after an accident, so we hear it all the time.

If your state allows settlements for minor injuries, then they will most likely pay for your medical bills and SOME pain/suffering. But since this guy hit/run and drunk, will add more value, since insurance companies hate drunks and don't want to go to court.

So for instance if normal accident; no hit/run/drunk, they might offer say $500 to $1,000. But with the aggravating liability, they might offer $750 to $1,500. These are only guesses since I would have to review your medical records to make a determination of the worth.

Talk to your insurance company to find out if you can get a settlement or not.

good luck

Other Answer(1) :

There's no average.

It's going to depend on what state you are in.

And if he has no insurance, he's not going to pay for these hospital visits, you will – so maybe you want to get checked out cheaper, like at the doctor's office.

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