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The costs vary per state and with the quantity of offenses one has been committed with. They could be anywhere from a couple hundred to close to a thousand bucks. Not to mention if you need a lawyer, the classes they will make you take, community service they may require you to do, as well as your insurance increase. A DUI I believe stays on your record for a long long time, someone actually told me its something liek 75 years!!! A lot of companies will not hire someone with a DUI, so hopefully if you were charged with one, you have a way to get out of it. If you blew over the legal limit on the breathalizer test though, it is virtually impossible for you to win.

Good luck and DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!!! Its really not worth the reprocutions.


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Long term $5000

Other Answer(4) :

The whole thing in fines, court fees, time lost at work going to court, and it goes on and on about $6000.00

Too much.

But it shouldn't be about the money, it should be about the dignity you lose.

But the cost will vary – you have lawyer's fees, state fines, court costs, and the cost of paying to get your license back. All of that depends upon your lawyer, the state you live in and how many times before you've been caught doing such.

A helluva lot more than a cab ride would have been.

I got my second D.W.I. in Texas and its cost me over ten grand I still can't can't get out of it. I was just about to a get Job driving trucks for a big company that had benefits so I could get an operation I need that will cost thousands.It will cost you what every one who got drunk and killed somebody should have paid but got off.The laws were changed because of that.Now it is like you killed someone before you do it.The lawers have made millions&the state.

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