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Also does old insurance let you back on or they kick you out? I think I was kicked off my dad's insurance… Is there a company I should look at that wouldn't be as expensive as others would since I have a DUI on my record? I'm a 21 yr old female from NJ

Best Answer :

There are a lot of costs which vary from state to state when you get a DUI. Insurance rates typically increase for a period of three years to the tune of $3,600-$6,600 total!

As you know, if you are pulled over, you are required to show proof of insurance. Well, after a DUI, you need a special insurance policy which shows that the insuring company KNOWS you had a DUI.

They give you a special form called an SR-22 which is what you must show to the police when pulled over instead of your old proof of insurance.

Check out "DUI – A Costly Mistake" through the link

Other Answer(2) :

At age 21 you shouldn't have been on dad's policy in the first place. But on to the question. Being under 25 makes you a risk, and having a conviction for DUI makes you a high risk. Are you also required to do an SR-22 filing? Ask dad's agent for a referral to a company that will allow a high risk driver to be insured, and prepare to pay very high rates for the next 36 months.

How it was settled may depend if you have gone to court and been convicted yet.

There is a plan for "high risk" drivers called assigned risk. A link is below. Call them for an agent in your area.

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