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It depends on where you live, for instance in California, fines can be from $1400-$1800, although they vary depending on circumstances. Laws vary from state to state, so a quick google search for DUI fines in the state where you live could help you find results that are for your area specifically.

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Totally depends where it occurred… I plead to a lesser offense and it cost me a bit over $2000…had I been convicted it would have been in excess of $10000!!! This was in NJ, and includes ALL the costs (loss of license, insurance fees, fines, court costs, lawyer, etc)

Depends where you live of course.

Fines, classes, reinstatement and all of that usually end up to be about $2000. If one is smart and gets a lawyer add in $1500 or so. Then you add in insurance costs over a few years. So all told it will be about a $18K mistake.

in texas about a 500 dollar fine, probation, court costs and lawyer fees.

it cost me my dignity at 19.

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