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With the holidays coming around .. i want to drink, but I also want to limit myself so I can legally drive without getting a DUI because cops will be out specifically for this. Considering that beer is about 5% alcohol and the legal limit in california is .08% alcohol by blood volume.. approximately how many beers could I have over a given period of time to be legally okay to drive?

Best Answer :

That can't be answered with the information given. Weight, gender, time period all influence blood alcohol level. To be safe you should get a designated driver.

Other Answer(7) :

One 8 ounce glass of beer per hour if you weigh an average of 150 pounds.

You cannot be legally drunk. I think the term is 'illegally drunk'.
Just use your head. Don't drink and drive at all. That's the responsible route.


Depends on your size. Keep in mind that .08% is pretty easy to reach. Maybe two or three beers.

Ever heard of the "designated driver"?? Or a cab.

how fat are you?

As many as it takes to blow .08.

Depends on your body weight, metabolism, how much beer is in "a beer," and what kind of beer you're drinking.

Here's a thought: Don't do these calculations. If you've been drinking, don't drive.

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