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is there a chance they will never know? how does one go about not getting his or her rates increased by this

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That depends on whether your insurance company is in the practice of checking the motor vehicle record during the course of your policy term. If they don't, they won't know. If they do check, and you didn't beat the charge, then they will take action of some sort more than likely.

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I had a DUI in 2002.
My insurance company never found out about it.
You NEED to keep clean for 3 years, keep the same car, don't change your insurance rates.
That's what I did. Good luck.

DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE is the easiest way.
It'll go on your record within days of your conviction, keeping in mind that your license will be suspended in most states and require things to reinstate (like an SR22, special insurance for high risk drivers). Keep in mind some insurance co are out to make a buck not to help you. I've seen people that think they're slick because their insurance co never found out about something they did, however the insurance co ran the record when they were in an accident and didn't cover them for failure to disclose. The insurance co got their premium and they got another suspension for uninsured motorist. The insurance co aren't as nieve as some would like to think.

In Florida, if you get any ticket….it doesn't show on the Motor Vehicle Report until the fine is paid…now the downside is…..if you don't pay the fine…your license gets suspended. So to answer your question, as soon as you pay the ticket…the company will know but only if there is some alert to run your motor vehicle record. otherwise the DUI may go unnoticed. But there is no real way to guarantee they will never find out. It stays on your record for up to 5 years. Most companies will run a 3-5 year report on a driver. If the company does find out about the DUI, a rise in rates may be the least of your worries…you may be cancelled or nonrenewed! Hope this helps.

You might get lucky, but don't bet on it. I've heard of people whose DUI didn't show up for several years for one reason or another. The insuance company assessed the penalty rates from the date it was posted to the driving record.

Also, if your insurance company asks about any tickets when you renew your policy, it's a virtual certainty that they're going to check your record. If you lied about it on the renewal application, they'll cancel your insurance for sure. You'll probably have to go into the assigned risk pool to get insurance.

If the judge mandated SR-22 action to get your license back, your insurance company will know about it when you ask about the SR-22. No way around that one.

The only sure-fire way to avoid the rate hike for DUI is to not get convicted in the first place. Of course, the only sure-fire way to avoid a DUI conviction is to not drive drunk!

Typically the state Department of Motor Vehicles will contact the insurance company, but some states do not send any notification. I had my license suspended due to a speeding ticket and within 2 weeks of getting notified through the state, I got a cancellation letter from my insurance company. I've heard of some people getting away with it, and their insurance company never heard of it though. Within a few weeks of getting your conviction from the state, you will find out whether or not your insurance company was notified and/or your rates will change.

Seems like they would find out in your driving record thur the computer. Not sure how you could not icrease your rates from a DUI. Is that you in that pic leaning against a Mustang II ? I had a 78 2-door model. Love them. Mine had been thur hell before it was given to me and still ran great. They are getting rare. Have you checked out ebaymotors? They may have some of them for sale there. All kinds of cars and trucks there. I listed the site below. Hope you find the answer your looking for. Good Luck.

Don't drink and drive. The insurance compay has access to the police records so they can find out immediately.

as soon as they run your driver lic. no. through there computer check. within two days of the guilty plea or conviction. aren't computers wonder-full?

Insurance companies usually check your record at renewal time. If they happen to ask, and you don't tell and they find out, that is fraud and they just might cancel you. If you have any type of commercial license, you can bet they will check.

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