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Yes – it is on there for good. Sorry. Some employers only do searches on background checks for the prior 7 years. But, that is their choice to do so (they are limiting the parameters to 7 years).

But, it is always there. And, be aware that if you get more DUIs/DWIs – they can be cumulative. A 2nd DWI in Texas is a higher level misdemeanor. And, a 3rd is a felony here in Texas. Each state has their own rules about the increasing penalties on DWIs/DUIs, however

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Courts never destroy records. If you are asking how long your insurance company cares, that is a different question. But there is no destruction of records. If you go to the courthouse you will find the records of the first conviction that court ever issued.

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DUI is a terrorist offense, so you are now on the terrorist watch list.

Hopefully it's permanent.

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