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This guy I know just lost his license for several years for his 3rd DWI. He's still driving and he still gets very drunk. I would like to report him to his probation officer but don't know how to do it. I'm afraid he's going to hurt someone. Does anyone know how I can find out who his probation officer is?

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Missouri police and sheriffs contact information

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I would think that if you called the police station and reported it, they could contact his probation officer. And good for you. Maybe it will save lives.

Just find the number of your local police station and explain the situation to the officer who picks up the phone. They'll make sure that the proper people know about it, and that it's investigated.

You can go into your local police station and report it to the desk sergent and they will talk to the right person (probation officer) for you or if you want to talk to them direct look through the phone book for the probation serviec office and tell the frist person you talk to the problem and they will point you in the right direction

Call the police station they will tell you, get him off the road before he kills someone.

Ring your local police station..quickly before this guy kills some one…cars are lethal weapons and don't belong in the hands of drunks.

You would contact the police, who in turn would have to contact his P.O. The P.O. would have to send out a field probation officer who has the right to test him in his house, which a cop doesn't. If he's already home he's not been caught violating. If he can't drink as a condition of his probation he'll be violated by just being under the influence. Of course he probably wouldn't answer the door to avoid being caught drinking. You would probably have to be at the same place as him and call the cops just as he leaves.

Call a cop or his PO.

You can call your court house and ask for probation. They should be able to tell you the information you're looking for. BUT drinking may not necessarily be a violation of his probation. DRIVING may very well be but drinking I'm not sure on this part. IT CAN be but it is not a sure thing. You can also cll the local police if you see this person driving. If the police catch him I can garantee that his probation officer will be made aware of this and that the issue will be addressed.

Theres nothing wrong with driving after a few drink's. All my buddies do it and Ill do it when Im old enough. Yeeha! Its the American way of life! Hehehehehehe!

I work at probation and parole and we get calls every day asking the same question. Call your local office and ask to speak to the agent or officer for that person. You will need to know his full name that he was arrested under. We have people calling telling me, his name is mark and he lives on main street, dont know his last name. Get as much information as you can on him and report him. He needs to be off the streets before he kills someone. And, you can be completely anonymous.

Ask the police dept. who is probation officer and contact the probation office. They should have all the numbers for you.


If you want to alert his Probation Officer, contact the Probate Court for that county he is under probation with. If contact can not be made with them because it is late and he is operating his vehicle under the influence at that present time, contact that jurisdiction's law enforcement/sheriff. They may ask for your information (e.g. name/address/phone number) because in many states, legislate has passed a law that if the caller gives their information to the call taker/dispatcher, that is considered probably cause for law enforcement to pull them over immediately verses waiting for them to observe a driver violation. If you choose not to give your name, that is more time wasted waiting for a driving infraction which could lead into an accident or a death(s). The worse thing that can happen to you if you should leave your name and he is drunk, you go to court to testify. But if he is drunk, he is drunk and his worse fear will be his probation officer because his probation officer can put him away for a while.

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