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i was in a car accident in june, i was rear ended by a drunk driver, then i hit the car in front of me, i suffered 2 herniated disc , a concussion and my shoulder was hurt requiring me to get injections, been going to pt since then, seen a neurosurgen, he said i will require surgery in the future. any idea on a settlement amount? I do got a lawyer.

Best Answer :

Ask your lawyer. You will be paying him or her 30-40% of your settlement so make them work for the money, not just send a letter or two & make a phone call or 2 & settle. You didn't say what state you are in, if you are in a PIP state, etc. Tort laws differ state to state. There are many too many questions for any accurate answer here.

Other Answer(2) :

Your insurance company and the insurance company of the guy who hit you (assuming he had insurance) will have you go to the doctor to determine what will have to be done and he'll give them a price of what the surgery will cost. Depending on the law in your state, either you'll get a cheque for that amount (usually 10% higher as a 'just in case' factor) or the insurance companies and the hospital will form an agreement to cover the costs.

You're just going to have to wait and follow the course, but be aware of what's going on, and any time someone (doctors office, insurance company, etc) tries to talk to you regarding settlements or whatever, get your attorney involved. But, I'd have to say be patient. I was in a car accident in May 2005 which put me and my entire family into the hospital (we were hit by a drugged out woman who didn't have insurance) and here it is 2 years and 3 months later and we're still waiting on a settlement.

Per my experience, you will never get enough to pay for all the medical. I suggest that as part of the settlement, they pay ALL medical bills in addition to any monetary settlement

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