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Does anyone know the likely sentence for first-time domestic violence in Ohio?

This happened while awaiting a court date for a DUI charge and fleeing and eluding, both of which this person has been convicted of before.

I think the max sentence for each charge is six months, but is it likely to be less than that?

Best Answer :

The other charges won't be introduced when they are sentenced, just the DV. My Ex got 6 months probation and a year of DV classes. He also had tests for drugs and alcohol randomly.

Other Answer(2) :

my friend's ex-bf beat her up, and got charged with simple assault and battery. they gave him a 6 month sentence, but because he is a convicted felon, 1 day counts as 2, so he's getting out in 3 months instead. I think that is crazy.

call your local court house or sherif department. i've done it before. there very helpfull.

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