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A friend of mine has recently been ordered to not drink for 12 months with random urine tests as a result of a DUI. These non alcoholic beers have very little alcohol in them, but there is still less than .5%. She really likes the taste of beer, but does not want to violate probation. Does anyone know if she could have one of these nonalcoholic beers and still be safe? Thanks.

Best Answer :

Even though it's listed as Non-Alcoholic beer, there is a very small amount.

She needs to as her PO about it or ask her lawyer.

Other Answer(5) :

Probation means no alcohol you could get tested right after drinking the non alcoholic beer and will show up in a small amount but they will still think you where drinking at some point so i think you will live with out it for awhile so hang in there.

It won't show up unless she drinks a whole lot of them. There has to be a lot of alcohol in the blood to fail that test. Maybe check out your state's limits.

Not likely to show up…the amount of alcohol is so small, the test allows for that.


it is OK alcohol is only in your body less than 24 hours so don't drink before you go to the P.O. Unless you really f*** up they are not coming to your house for a random test they do that when you come to the office

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