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I recieved a misdamenor DUI 3 years and 7 months ago and I'm signed up to take my Concealed Weapons Permit class. Does a misdamenor DUI restrict you from getting a CCW for 10 years in the state of CA?

Best Answer :

Much will depend on the jurisdiction you are requesting the CCW. Each jurisdiction has individual standards, some can be very laxed, while others very strict. The agency you wish to apply for the CCW should have the standards in written form available for you to pick up, which will provide you with an absolute answer.

Other Answer(1) :

California is a "may issue" state not a "shall issue" state. They don't have to have a reason to not issue you a CCW permit. If you give them a reason, in this case a DUI history, they aren't going to issue.

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