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I got a DUI about a month ago, and I have to meet with my probation officer for 5-10 minutes tomorrow, to pay my monthly court cost. Will s/he make me take a drug test? Do courts typically make people with DUI's take drug tests?

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In Colorado they will administer a Drug test to see if they can ding you on something else. So If you test positive for a narcotic now you will be forced to get more drug tests and pay for them.
Dui's are a ploy to make money for the state, so be careful.

Other Answer(5) :

mine did in NC
alcohol will be out of the system in 24 hrs.

Sometimes they do.
They certainly can. It is up to the probation officer.

And if they do -YOU pay for the test.
90 days in jail if you fail.

Yes they can.

Thanks for your question.

The answer is probably not. However, the courts give probation officers wide discretion to make findings that are appropriate regarding testing, education, or counseling. It's best not to use any drugs for at least 24 hours before meeting with any officer.

Thanks again, and all the best to you.

It depends. Apparently in Orange County, according to one answer to your question, you can't be made to take a drug test. Maybe they are more liberal in that county. In other counties in California, if you have to take an alcohol test a part of probation, the there is a search and seizure order anyway, so you might as well let them do the drug test, too, even if it's an alcohol related DUI. I think it's bunk, but that's the way it is. Usually, though, a first time DUI offender wouldn't have a testing provision (unless there is probable cause that the probationer is driving with a measurable quantity of alcohol or drugs).

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