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No, parking tickets are a civil violation. It goes against the registration of the car, in most, if not all, states.

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Unfortunately, the answer is yes. If you were as pure as driven snow, you would not even have your "record" smirched by even one speeding ticket nor a parking ticket.
This is the standard set by the law of the land. We simply do not disobey anything, even littering laws. If the law say, jump when you see a red car cross the road, you say "how high?"

I'm kidding. Just be good. If you get a stinking parking ticket for going over 5 minutes on your paid parking meter, just pay it. The payment adds up and helps pay the person who picks up the litter that others toss around.

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Not in most places. I have looked at thousands of rap sheets and driver's records and never saw a a parking ticket. Arrest for a warrant for outstanding tickets yes but even that does not happen most places anymore. They switched parkers to civil action, that way they can put liens against you and such.

ye very much so same thing as you pay a speeding ticket fine seat belt fine and over all those petty violation fine you need to pay still goes on your record. I think you also have to go to traffc school for parking ticket but I am not sure of it though. I could be wrong

Although they do not go on your record – most states have a number of unresolved one you can have before notifying the Secretary of State Office for license suspension

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