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I live in california and want to know do i have to put my DUI conviction on an application? One position at the hospital is for stock clerk. the DUI is a misdemeanor and happened in november 2007. i went to court and i pleaded no contest and have to pay a fine. i completed all the classes.

Best Answer :

Pleading no contest is meaningless. It is exactly the same as pleading guilty, except the plea (in a misdemeanor case) cannot be used against you in a civil proceeding (e.g., there was an accident and you are sued). Paying the fine and completing the classes does not eliminate the conviction. If the application asks if you were convicted of a misdemeanor, the only correct answer is "yes."

Other Answer(2) :

The application should state if it wants you to list misdemeanors, felonies, or both. If it only asks for felonies, then no.

Only if the ap requires it. otherwise you can put will explain upon interview.

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