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I can ride my ATV from my private property, thru trails and ride to a bar without going on any roads and get sloppy azz drunk and ride it home while im drunk outta my mind, but I have to cross one state owned road, where it is legal to cross a road with an ATV. If a cop would stop me, and if I was dumb enough to stop, could I be legally charged with a DUI?

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My stepson was riding on private roads and hit a tree. He had to be put into a helicopter and sent to a trauma center. The police were not involved until the trauma center doctors reported his
blood-alcohol level. He received his DUI and did time in the
county jail where the accident occurred.

Other Answer(17) :

you can get a dui rideing a bike so yes

Yes you can they will definitely give you a DUI


You can even get one riding your lawn mower in your own yard, depending on where you live. I know a guy it happened to.

Yes here where I live you can. Also its a DUI here if your on a horse or anything that has a motor! So please be careful!

I'm gona say yes, cause you can get a DUI on a bicycle, which is way harmless than an ATV….

Yes you can get a DUI riding anything with a motor.

Yes you can – trust me, I know! :-(

YUP! and go to jail too.

In NC you can get a DUI while driving a boat, bicycle, horse or ANYTHING that is operated on a public access. Check your local laws is all I can suggest.

yes you could i saw a guy get a DUI on a bicycle, if that holds up I'm sure any motorized vehicle DUI ticket would also

Everyone is correct, you can be charged/ arrested for a being intoxicated while operating a motorized vehicle. But as long as you are being save!!-read on.

If you do get pulled over (which you should never let happen, your on a ATV, shift down throttle up), but if you do- refuse any test. this means walking lines, touching noses, and especially Breathalyzer. You will be arrested, but it can easily be dropped in court, you don't even need a lawyer(usually). Still never operate on the street! go kill your self not me!!

You answered your question best when you wrote "if I was dumb enough to stop." Yes you can get DUI so dont be dumb enough to stop.

if ur on the street, technically, they can bust u for dwi if u are on a bicycle….i've seen it in the paper at the rare times, but its been done.


yeah you could…driving under the influence is illegal no matter what type of moving vehicle you're driving. but, the likelihood of you getting pulled over is pretty small if you're just crossing the street….hope i didn't just jinx you. ;)

& not only that…. if you could take a BOAT to the bar & not go on any roads at all….. you can still get a DUI…

Yes, it's a motor vehicle and you are in operation of it.You could get public intox too. People have been arrested for walking home drunk.

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