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Hello. I'm in Florida. I'm 23 with a valid license. My mom recently got a DUI charge and is on probation. Her car's tag has since expired and has no insurance. I occasionally use her car every now and then to run some minor errands, but I am very cautious as it obviously has an expired tag and no insurance. I just wanted to know what would happen if i were to get stopped by a cop driving her car? What's the worst that could happen?


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Assuming you are a legal, licensed driver … you'd receive a ticket, most likely, for expired/improper registration, and no insurance. Then you'd probably pay the ticket.

Why would you knowingly drive a vehicle with expired tags and no insurance? You can register the car and probably purchase insurance for less than the fines would be. The insurance would probably be less expensive fi the car were registered in your name, than your mom's, who has that DUI on her records.

You're worried about a ticket, when you should be worried about being involved in an accident, with no insurance, and getting sued. That would certainly cost you more than getting the car legal to drive.

You will get several tickets, they will take the tag from the car more than likely. FL requires you turn in the tag with no insurance and no valid sticker. They may also impound the car, that may depend on where you are.
The fines you will get are not worth the chances you take. Just have it put in your name and get it tagged and insured.

You could be charged with driving without insurance, which is a serious crime in Florida, and with driving a unregistered car, which is a minor infraction in Florida.

The driving without insurance charge could get your driver's license suspended, and you could be fined heavily. The unregistered car charge would result in a minor fine.

The fact that the car's owner has legal issues has no bearing on what your charges would be. I'd recommend not driving that car until it is insured, regardless whether it has a current registration.

- Stuart

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Here are several points mentioned :

In Florida if you do pay your registration fees late there are late fees. Section 320.07(4)(a), Florida Statutes, specifically requires the delinquent fee to be imposed on any applicant who fails to renew a registration before the end of the month in which renewal registration is due.

The FL law goes on to say that any person whose motor vehicle registration has been expired for a period of 6 months or less commits a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as a non-moving violation. Any person whose motor vehicle registration has been expired for more than 6 months shall upon a first offense be subject to the penalties such as paying a civil penalty and delinquent fee, if applicable, either by mail or in person, within 30 days after the date of issuance of the citation.

So it will depend upon how long your tags had been expired as to what your penalties will be. If they were expired less than 6 months you should be facing just a traffic infraction which appears to come with a fine. If however you have not renewed your vehicle's registration for over 6 months than you will be facing harsher penalties.

Fines for a tag expired less than 6 months is around $100 and that a tag expired 6 months or more can come with jail time up to 60 days and/or fine of up to $500.From fine schedules we have seen from around Florida the fine amount for 6 months or more tends to be around $150 to $200.

In the state of Florida the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (HSMV) is authorized to suspend your driving privilege, including your vehicle tag and registration, for up to three (3) years or until proof of Florida insurance is provided, whichever is first, if you are found driving without auto insurance.

If your insurance company notifies the HSMV that you canceled a policy, and no other active policy is reported by another insurance company, they will send a letter notifying you they need your auto insurance information.

If the HSMV learns that you did have a lapse you are notified they want you to show them you have PIP/PDL insurance for every vehicle you have registered in Florida. A suspension by the HSMV will affect the driver license, tag and registration of the suspended person and can be done after just a 1 day lapse of coverage.

Well what happens to your mother. Is what are her vilolations of her probation. So if the judge orders your mom that she can not act in any criminal activity in any way, shape, or, form then she will get in trouble by the court or her probation officer. If she has one. It all depends what is in violation of your moms probation. But for the person driving the car. Driving without a license would be a just a ticket and since the car has no insurance you will not be able to drive the car ANYWHERE. If you get pulled over the car will most likely have to be towed to the tow yard. And that cost $$$ a good amound. The fees to come out and hook it up and the fees to take it there and the fees to hold it there.

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