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can you get arrest for drunk driving if you are drunk and riding a bicycle?

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Yes and it is actually the exact charge as if you were in a car. Bicycles are considered vehicles and must obey the same traffic laws as cars. Hell I know of 2 cases where guys got DUI's on riding lawn mowers.

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In my state you can.
Just before I retired an old guy was hit by a bicyclist while the old guy was crossing the street. When he fell and hit his head he died.
The cyclist was charged with DUI and reckless homicide. Same charges as if he was driving a car.
His bike was seized, He refused a breathalyzer but since he was not driving a car with a license, therefore had no implied consent, his only tests for DUI where officers observations.
He plead guilty to DUI and they dropped the reckless.

I also saw a guy on a horse arrested for DUI ( not disorderly but real DUI) since he was riding on a public street. He was also charged with animal abuse.

Yes you can. Those who say it's just public intoxication don't know what they're talking about. A bicycle is legally regarded as a vehicle and is subject to all the same laws as a car. The charge, if I remember correctly, is 'drunk in charge of a bicycle'. You can even lose your license to drive because of it.

You can be arrested and charged with disturbing the peace or being drunk in public, etc. With regard to DUI/DWI, that charge is only valid if the person is operating a motorized vehicle, such as a car, boat, etc.

You can be charged for drunk driving if you are on a riding lawn mower, bicycle, tricycle, unicycle or anything with wheels. It doesn't mean you'll be convicted of DUI but cops love to charge you with whatever they can.

um. it isn't driving if you're on a bicycle but i think you could be arrested. and if you were over the legal drinking limit, i don't think you would be able to stay on the bicycle, let alone ride it

No. you can not whatver ur operating has to have a motor anything wth a motor you can. If ur on a bike then you can get public intoxication

Driving usually pertains to motor driven vehicles.
PUI is not Peddling Under the Influence but is Pedestrian
PI is just Public Intoxication.

Yes. For being drunk in a public place. You can be arrested for walking and being drunk.

You get charged with driving under the influence. How hard is that people jeesh? Open and shut question.

usually not drunk driving but OUI or public intoxication are definitely possible

Not driving drunk, but drunk in public


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