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A friend of mine recently got a DUI and now has his driver's license suspended for a year. Can he get a motorcycle license in the meantime and drive a motorcycle until his year suspension is over?

Best Answer :

You need to be able to obtain a valid license. A bike validation is only an add on. Once he completes all of the legal requirements ordered by the courts,,he should be elidgable for a "work permit" or a hardship liscense,,,DMV will answer all of those questions and tell him where to go to get it.

Other Answer(6) :

No. you have to have a valid drivers license to get a motorcycle license, or either no license at all. You can't get a motorcycle license if you already have a suspended license.

Oh sure! I can't see it being a problem of issuing an operators license to a DUI offender wanting to operate a motorcycle. That way, should he be in an accident involving drugs or alcohol, chances are he will just be killing himself rather than innocent lives that he would have taken driving a vehicle. Go and get one. It will just be one less DUI on the road when the inevitable happens!

If his license is suspended, he will not be able to get a license for any class of vehicle!

You drink

You drive

You get caught

You walk to the bus stop

Nope, bicycle, bus or walking


Depending on the laws of your state, he may be able to ride a moped. Where I'm from mopeds under 50cc don't require a license, so they are OK for DUI offenders.

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