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I've heard you can, and I've heard people tell me they have, but I'm not sure if they were BSing me or not.

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Actually, it depends on state law. In Ohio, a bicycle is a vehicle. So, yes, you can.

Here is an excerpt from State v. Gangle, a 2002 Ohio case:

At about 3:00 a.m., Appellant left his home on his bicycle to go for a bike ride. Officer Roden testified that he saw Appellant riding his bicycle toward him down the center of the street, swaying back and forth. Upon Appellant's approach, Officer Roden yelled to Appellant and attempted to get Appellant's attention to inform him to ride on the right hand side of the road. When Appellant did not respond, Officer Roden activated his overhead lights, turned his cruiser around and followed Appellant. Upon approaching Appellant, Officer Roden observed Appellant suddenly apply the brakes on his bicycle and catapult head first over the handle bar.

The bicyclist was found to be drunk and arrested. He was convicted and given four days jail and a fine.

Interestingly enough, you cannot be convicted of DUI while riding a horse. State v. Euton. A horse is not a "vehicle."

Other Answer(5) :

I don't know for certain and it may vary by state, but I have heard the same thing – that you can indeed get a DUI on a bike.

YES YOU CAN! Bicycles are considered "vehicles" under the majority of states' statutes. You can indeed be convicted of a DUI on a bike, in a wheelchair (even if not motorized), or on a non-motorized scooter. Some states, such as Alabama, even have a PUI charge; Pedestrian Under the Influence.

In the UK it's – drunk in charge of a bicycle.

We also have – drunk in charge of a baby.

Yes. You can get a DUI on a bike, on a tractor and also on a boat. The boat one is called a BUI but the punishment is usually still the same as a DUI and you lose your drivers license for an extended period of time as well. I've always wondered if you have an electric wheel chair, if you could get one on those or if you were riding a horse drunk though. Never seen any of those cases but I have seen tractor, bike and boating ones.

I like the "drunk in charge of a baby." That sounds funny. The British sure call it what it is. I like that.

i would think so because my cousin was walking home drunk and he got a DUI which i think would be bs

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