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I have a friend who's roommate doesn't have a car. He borrows her truck to go to work. Usually he will go have drinks with co-workers and not come home until early morning. If he gets a DUI in her vehicle, will she get in trouble too since he is driving her vehicle (even though she just lets him use it to get to work & told him not to drink & drive)? We are in Tennessee if that helps. Thanks!

Best Answer :

The most obvious problem is that when her friend is stopped and arrested for a DUI, her car will be towed and impounded. It is very expensive to get a car released from an impound. These facilities charge a fee by the day. She would be responsible for the fees and costs.

As for some sort of criminal negligence for allowing someone to drive who is drunk, that is a stretch and probably she could not be punished, particularly if she is not present during either the drinking or the driving.

Other Answer(5) :

In the state of New Jersey if you are in your car and a drunk is driving, you get charged with DUI. I don't know of any other states that do this. Your friend is safe from a DUI charge, but if he gets into an accident they will come after her insurance and she will have to deal with the rate hike. The truck could also wind up impounded, and she could wind up stuck with bill to get it out of impound.

No, the person operating the vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance will be prosecuted for DUI. However, your vehicle will likely be towed, and you'll have to pay to get it out of the impound lot.

The charge is DRIVING while intoxicated. Not Owning a Vehicle an Intoxicated Person is Driving.

So no, not possible. The owner will have to pay to get the vehicle from impound though.

I don't know about the DUI, but you can be held legally liable for injuries your friend causes, especially if you loaned the car knowing he has been drinking.

It's a bad practice – stop it.

why would you let somebody that is drunk drive your car? thats asking for trouble.

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