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All of my friends and I are planning on doing a pub crawl on our bikes. I was trying to to make sure we cannot get a DUI for this.

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Yes you can. You can also get arrested for drinking in public, being drunk in public, operating any machinery (including bicycles, scooters, etc). Of course, if you do not draw attention to yourselves, you stand a better chance of avoiding the law.

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u absolutly can not… the only reason u can get a DUI in a car is cause you sign your license agreeing to obey the laws of the road… officers can not force u to take any sort of sobriety test on a bike there for they would not be able to tell if u were sober or not

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Ya, you CANT get a DUI on a bicycle in any state, all you can get is for being drunk in public, and driving recklessly if you are on a public road of course. Driving Under the Influence applies to Motor Vehicles only, such as scooters, dirt bikes, ATVs, boats, golf carts…etc. but not a bicycle.

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Yes – it's a BUI though. And I'm sure the cops are a little more lenient than with a DUI.

EDIT- you thumbs downers are ridiculous today. Here – California State laws prohibits biking under the influence, and it is a different charge than DUI. Although, I guess technically you could call it a R.B.U.I.O.A.O.D….but that's a little long don'tcha think? http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/vctop/d11/vc2…

And I KNOW that cops are more lenient for BUI than DUI because I have ridden my bike (while clearly under the influence) in front of a cop. So there…..

Generally not, DUIs are usually for motor vehicles, so as long as you don't have motorized bikes you should be set.

I don't know what the people above me are talking about.

You can possibly get in trouble for other things… like public disturbance if you go crazy on the bikes and fall all over the place, but bike crawls are pretty common.

EDIT: DWI, OUI, DWUI, etc… are all for motor vehicles, not vehicles in general. Yes a guy got a DUI for a lawnmower, it had an engine.

Technically yes, but you would have to be raising a lot of hell for a cop to reach that point. If you act somewhat level-headed you should be okay.

most certainly

You'd get an OWI in my state, but like the guy said earlier, you'd have to really draw some attention to yourself. If you're riding your bike at night, make sure you have a flashing red light for the back and front.

Yes and you could lose your driving license too. Kind of strange but I guess it's for the best.

short and easy,yes you can!it's really more like public drunkenness, but it's still not a good idea.

Depends on where you are. In my state, no. In the neighboring state, yes. In obth of them when you try to ride a bike while drunk, you fall down.

yes, you need to follow the same rules of the road as a driver of a car or any other vehicle.

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