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Say you have been drinking and you are driving home and notice flashing lights ahead of you. Can you turn down another road to avoid this? And if you can't how are the police allowed to make you go where they are having the checkpoint?

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It is quite funny you should ask this. I have seen countless DUI checkpoints on Louisiana highways. They usually have a sign on the side of the road saying "Checkpoint 1 mile ahead". And by this time, all the drinkers begin to exit the highway as fast as they can… Little do they know the cops planned for them to do this and caught them on the service road. Cops are a lot smarter than the people drinking.

Other Answer(9) :

if you can turn down another road, then probably. if you already in the "funnel" then probably not. if you turn around, then they will probably follow you and stop you.

Also, the police can direct traffic in any way they see fit, for the most part

If they see you then they can come after you for suspicious behavior. But if they don't then no problem..

Unfortunately for our constitutional rights the courts have ruled that someone who turns around is suspect and can be detained.
The checkpoints themselves our also technically a violation but again our courts have ruled that 'temporary' inspections fall into a safety category.

All the legalities are online but it is very depressing to read. and they wonder why we hate them.

Most checkpoints are in places were it is quite noticeable if you turn around, like the bottom of a hill. If you notice them ahead of time and they don't see you turn around or if it is in a spot were there are other roads around then you can avoid it. The best thing to do is not drive drunk.

first of all you shouldn't be drinking and driving. if the side street is open yes you may travel there. however if the direction of the police send you to the check point -you must follow the officer's direction. NOw you could just park your car and as long as no one seen you driving -you become a perdestian. You can just walk away. you car may be towed and you get caught it could be aressted for PI. but this carries a lesser charge.

If you turn down the street up a head then they would be suspicious and would probably come right after you… it would be best to go through and hope you pass instead.

You are probably thinking of the penalties for a DUI conviction: Loss of liense with limitrd driving privileges; a fine of s few hundred dollars; and a 30-day suspended jail sentence.

But all the matters little when you look at what your car insurer will do — liker raise your premiums ten-fold or more. Do you really want to pay $10,000 or more per year for minimum liability coverage? And it will take as long as 10 years for your insurance costs to get down to what they would be without the DUI.

If you drink and drive, you will pay a hefty price — to your insurance company.

Usually it is not possible to "turn down another road" and avoid a checkpoint. The police tend to set these checkpoints up on long stretches of road with no turn off roads!

They are not "making" you drive anywhere! If you want to drink and drive, there are certain risks … being arrested for over the limit is just one of them. The worst possible consequence of DWI that I can think of is dying in a crash.

If you turn around to avoid the checkpoint, that behavior gives the police "probable cause" to suspect that a crime is taking place, and they have the right to pull you over and detain you.

Of course … you could avoid the whole situation by not drinking and driving! Use a DD or drink at home.

In most cases avoiding a check point is illegal. Especially if you are close enough to see that it is indeed a check point. This is evading and alluding. Have fun with the extra charges. Personally I deliberatly go through them. They're fun. And as long as you're not doing anything illegal you should be fine right?

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