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My friend has a Bachelor's degree but recently decided to become a teacher through an alternative teacher certification program. She was arrested for DWI a few months back and is now concerened she will not be able to become a teacher. I've searched online but found nothing on this. this is for the state of Texas. Does anyone know?

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If she is applying to a public school, call the human resource department or Superintendent's office of that school system and ask. Also, this information is often spelled out in a teacher application packet so she should read it carefully. If the school requires disclosure of a DWI she will need to report it before she is hired.

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in other words…YES
teachers that repeatedly receive DUI or DWI's can get fired EVENTUALLY

It probably isn't a problem, but call the school district where you want to work and ask and be open about it. If you tell them about it before they find out from your background check they'll be a lot kinder about it and you won't have any problems.
But especially if it was a while ago, there shouldn't be a problem, plus you're not going to be driving the students anywhere (because teacher's aren't allowed), so your driving record is of little consequence.

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