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On the road it is definitely illegal. In the yard, they could conjure up just about anything to land your butt in jail. Public intoxication. Drunk and disorderly. Although unlikely unless you were doing something else unlawabidingly (no I don't think that is a word but it fits).

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only on public road

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You could get a public intoxication ticket but only a dui on the public road.

Only on public roads or sidewalks. Where U from boy Plant City??? LOL~~~~

You can get as drunk as you want on YOUR property, and you can mow YOUR lawn while drunk if you so choose. I live in Florida too, what part are u in? Happy drinkin :)

That's an awesome question! Yes. As a matter of fact you can because you are operating something. The changes of it are slim and I don't think that they would call it an OWI or DUI. Probably disorderly conduct or something stupid like that. It's like, you can't drive home drunk from the bar but, they have huge parking lots and in my area the taxi's don't run after midnight, you could ride your bike to the bar but you can't ride it home drunk but, I have never seen any bike racks infront of a bar. And God forbid that you walk home cuz you can get a ticket for that too. If you are riding your lawn mower on public roads you can get a ticket even if you are not drinking. That's how it is in my state which is Wisconsin. They are hell bent on giving people tickets for the stupidest things, like riding your lawn mower when you are intoxicated.

You can get a DUI while opperating ANY vehicle, even a bicycle, anywhere.

Yes, in Florida you can get a ticket for DUI, but only on public grounds, even on a sidewalk in front of your house. The only way you could get a DUI in your yard, is if you were making a nuisance of yourself, or bullying someone around, or even chasing them.

most people here don't understand the law. In most states anything on wheels ( a definition of a vehicle) and operated anywhere in the state under the influence of alcohol or drugs or a combination. It very broad and you could be charged with a DUI,OVI or whatever they call it in FL.
And the police can enter your yard because it is not protected under the 4th Amendment (search and seizure) A person's yard offers no privacy protection because any member of the public can enter your yard and approach you, therefore the police have the same right.

Im sure you can since you are out side .

Better to just ride it around in your living room. And more fun too.

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