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first you have to have your rights reinstated then you still have to wait a year or so to be able to own a fire arm ,then I think you have to take some class to have a consealed weapons permit GOOD LUCK

Best Answer :

Depends on the state. Here in Oregon a DUI makes you a chronic alcoholic. And under Federal you can no longer purchas or possess any fire arm. You would have to go to court and reverse the case or you would have to go through treatment and remain sober 10 years. As to concealed I don't think they would ever let you have that here. Though in Oregon you can carry concealed without a permit. As long as you are going hunting, fishing or target shooting you can carry concealed as provided in the State Constitution. Personally I am opposed to concealed carrying. I have encountered too many paranoids looking for trouble.

Other Answer(2) :

If you have a felony record, no you cannot get such a permit.
Check FL concealed weapon regulations.

felony dui = no misdemeaner = yes

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