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2 of my 16 year old friends (not allowed to drive others) were driving 3 kids each in their cars after about 10-12 beers (stupid) were pulled over by cops. they were breathalized and lied to the cops saying that they only had 1 beer each. one of my friends ran away. what will their punishments be for their liscences (how long with they lose them) and any other fines etc. please answer! this happened 5 minutes ago!

Best Answer :

to be honest i hope they get the worst possible, if they're already driving drunk at 16 then they're not responsible enough for a license at all ever, 4 years ago i knew someone in VA that was 16 and she was killed by a drunk driver so i hate drunk drivers so i could care less what happens to them

Other Answer(4) :

Well, 16 years old..they will get it for driving under the influence, underage consumption, and who knows what else….so i would say losing their license till 21 could be a possibility…..

they will probably be proccesded through court then go to juevileene (fancy word meaning jail for people under 18) and they will stay there for about 3 years petty sure

Will lose their licenses probably 'til 21. The one that ran away will be charged with resisting arrest and probably jailed.
The fines canrun up to $1500 each depending on the judge.
The one that ran away could get a large fine.

Juvie hall. Big fines. No license till 21.

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